Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Distiller: Hikari Loftus
3.5/5 Stars

by Mary Jane Capps
DreamFusion Press, LLC; 1 edition (September 30, 2015)
392 pages

Stella Fortunat is just a regular girl living in New Orleans. And by regular I mean coffee connoisseur, make up obsessed, tarot reading girl with an inherited knack for the supernatural from her beloved witchy grandmother.

But while Stella continues to puzzle over why her grandmother, GG’s, spirit still hasn’t botherd to contact her two years after her death, a sinister unknown spirit is harassing her through her dreams at night, and the images it conjures up are confusing and terrible.

Between Stella and her best friend, Collette, (Stella’s semi-willing accomplice) they’ve got to figure out what the spirit is trying to tell them before someone gets killed.

This one took me a bit to get into, and that was mostly due to writing style. Stella’s voice/thought process took me some getting used to (all that coffee maybe?) and I really had to focus until I got the hang of it.

Once I got the rhythm of this one, I slipped into this story deeply. It was a fun one. I don’t think I’ve ever read a story that delved into New Orleans and Voodoo magic like this and I think half of why I liked it was Stella’s belief in and practice of it. I also loved which things author Mary Jane Capps decided to put extra details into (makes me really curious about what kind of research into Voodoo she had to do)

What I loved most, however, was Stella herself. She likes herself as she is and is comfortable in her own skin. She’s got her points of drama in the story, but I never felt like she was unreasonable or annoying. She’s definitely someone I would want to be friends with. All the characters were believable and interesting.

There were a few points in the storyline that I felt were a bit confusing or I wish were resolved a little better, but it wasn’t much to get upset about.

I really ended up enjoying this read. I liked the laid back romance, I loved the friendships, I loved the Voodoo, and I loved the mystery. If you’re looking for a quick, fun, different read, this one is a great one.


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