Saturday, December 12, 2015

Today I’ve gathered up a few of my favorite London-based stories to help introduce a sweet new free app for book lovers and authors (Seriously, this is a fun one.)

The Squirl app (@squirlbooks) is like Foursquare, but for books! It is the first location based book discovery app that helps you bump into locations/settings from books you love! (I’ve already checked out all The Bone Season and The Mime Order locations on their maps. Now I just need to get to London so I can go to Seven Dials!)

You can check into the literary locations and leave a photo and comments. (Just like the Foursquare app)You will get notifications when you pass by a location from a book you might like too. 

FOR AUTHORS: you can add your own books and locations through the free online author tool on their website, 

Squirl just launched Public Beta a couple weeks ago at the Frankfurt Book Fair, so if you’re an early adapter and like to  be the first to use technology, this is your opportunity. 

Since it’s still in its early stages, they are focusing on locations in London, New York, and Paris, where thousands of stories we know and love take place. So if you live there right now, this is especially fun for you. 

In the next few months the locations will cover the globe. 

This summer I happened to be reading “Paper Towns” while in Florida at Sea World. ha. It definitely enhances your reading experience when you’re walking in the same places as your favorite characters and gives your reading another dimension. 

I’m pretty pumped about this app myself, since I’ve always tried to find the real life locations from books I’ve read. 

You can download this app for free in iTunes . Or you can check out their website: 

To my London, New York and Paris peeps, let me know which places you bump into this weekend! (And add me, Hikari Loftus, when you're on there so we can follow each other!)

This post was sponsored by the Squirl App. 


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