Friday, January 29, 2016

Today I'm excited to share with you one of the coolest boxes I've had the opportunity to review.

The people over at Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books sent me their January FANTASY box and I couldn't be more pleased with it for many reasons. 

The top reason being TRUTHWITCH! 
This is one of those books that everyone is currently raving about, and I kept telling myself that I needed to get my ands on it as soon as possible. But this box did my shopping for me, and I was thrilled. 

The Fantasy and SciFi Books box sends a new YA SciFi or Fantasy book along with 3-4 related items surrounding the theme of the book. (including fandom jewelry, bookmarks, bags, etc)

The boxes include specially made book inspired items that cannot be bought anywhere else and some boxes contain exclusive items from a guest author. 

This month’s Fantasy box came with:

*Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

*Bottle of Wishes (pop the cork and make a wish!)

*Triangle Necklace: In the Witchlands, magic-users are ruled by certain elements that give them their magic. The magical symbol for water is an inverted triangle symbolizing the downward flow of water.

*Truthwitch Double Sided Map Poster: Map of the Witchlands as known in the 19th year of the truce. Exclusive item not found in stores. 

*Truthwitch bookmark from Tor Teen

*Claim my Aether: Double sided Truthwitch Poster

*Michael Lackey Bookmark: Guest author book mark. Writer of The Bad Seed.

I especially loved that almost all the items in the box corresponded with the book. While I do love all the surprise goodies that come in other subscription boxes, receiving things specific to the book makes the read altogether more fun, and if you love it when you're done reading, you've already got specially curated fandom merch in your home. 

Fantasy and SciFi Books Box: $27.99 a month