Thursday, November 24, 2016

Best of Nonfiction

This book is so good! It was so nice to read something that theorizes social change amidst recent and relevant uprisings. The writing is solid and easy to read, interweaving analysis with the Civil Rights Movement as well as the Arab Spring, the Occupy Movement, and Black Lives Matter.

The most important thing I got from this book is that a lot of times when there is social change, commentators dismiss it as an inevitable product of the times. Engler and Engler are saying, no, change is the product of deliberate plan and action.

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Best of Adult Fiction

Sometimes in life, an event is so important that I say very little about it because trying to capture its importance seems daunting. It is the same way with this book. Captures American Jewish life in a very intimate and convincing way.

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Best of Young Adult Fiction

This one was actually published last year, but I want to re-emphasize it this year. For those who recognize that sometimes we hurt the ones we love most.
And that love is worth it despite that fact.

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Best of Middle Reader

Surprising, quirky, and hopeful.

The Last Monster is an unexpected delight. It passed under my radar when I thought it was some sort of horror or epic battle with monsters, but it is nothing of the sort. 

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Most Highly Recommended Read of 2016

This book was actually published in 2012, but I can't resist highlighting it.  It is hilarious.  I laughed out loud as I read it.

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