Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I'm thrilled to get to be a rep for Hoot Loot Box and to show off their amazing November Launch box! ... and I really wanted to get my hands on Heartless which was the book in this months box so they get extra hearts from me. :)

(If you're thinking about subscribing you can use the code "NOVELPAIRING10" to get 10% off your first box, good through Dec. 31st, at )

Hoot Loot is a Young Adult genre monthly subscription box / beauty box.  Each month you can expect a new Young Adult novel (released in the last 60 days) and some combination of bookish goodies and beauty products related to the novel.  (Themes differ by month)

All boxes are suitable for subscribers 16+ years of age.

Bookish Goodies: Heartless Book, Seven Hearts Candle,
Funko Pop, Bookish Pin
The book for Novembers box was "Heartless" by Marissa Meyer and all of the items in the box were related to the Red Queen/Alice in Wonderland theme of the box.  Honestly I could not believe how many high quality items there were and how much happiness was able to fit in one box.  I opened the box and started rifling through it only to realized I had better stop if I wanted any hope of filming an unboxing video while being able to fit all the items in the box.

Here what was in the November Hoot Loot Box:
  • Heartless by Marissa Meyer 
  • Alice Magnetic Bookmark from Nerdy Grl Designs 
  • Love Spell Heart Bath Bomb by Janets Bath Boutique 
  • 5oz "Hatters Tea Party" candle by Seven Hearts Wax Co. 
  • Through the Looking Glass mystery mini Funko 
  • Exclusive Heartless themed mineral eyeshadow from Printcess Makeup 
  • DIY magnetic picture frame 
  • Oreo nail file from Ulta Beauty 
  • "Becky with the Good Books" exclusive pin by Paperly and Co. 
  • Alice in Wonderland Nail Decals by NailGlamNailDecals 
  • Jolly Rancher Sweets 
Beauty Goodies: Bath Bomb, Mineral Makeup,
Nail Files, Nail Decals, Magnetic Picture Frame

And every month Hoot Loot chooses one lucky subscriber to receive an awesome bonus gift.  For November they sent out one bonus gift set to a subscriber and one bonus gift set to a rep and I was lucky enough to get the rep bonus box so my box also included:

Hoot Loot is not a reoccurring subscription box, it's a one time purchase box that you can repurchase each month that you're interested in receiving it.  (You can purchase a box any time in December, and you will be shipped the January box, if you purchase a box anytime in January you will be shipped the February box, etc.) They also have a bunch of different check out/pricing options:

$29.99 -  The traditional box (this is the only one that ships in a HootLoot official box).
Each month is guaranteed to contain: ​

  • 1 Young Adult Novel 
  • 1 Bath or Beauty Sample 
  • 1-2 Premium Bookish Items 
  • 1-2 Smaller Bookish Items 
  • MAY INCLUDE exclusive author content 

Lucky Bonus Box Goodies: Out of Print Tote, Ira Wolf CD

$22.00 - A more economical option.
Each month is guaranteed to contain:

  • 1 Bath or Beauty Sample 
  • 1-2 Premium Bookish Items 
  • 1-2 Smaller Bookish Items 

$15.00 - A budget-friendly option.
Each month is guaranteed to contain:

  • 1 Bath or Beauty Sample 
  • 1 Premium Bookish Item 
  • MAY INCLUDE 1 Small Item

December box the theme is "To the Stars" and you can get 10% off from now until Dec. 31 using the code "NOVELPAIRING10" during checkout.


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