The Distillery:

Here at the distillery we like to distill the books we read, which basically means that we like to remove all of the impurities and concentrate on the main forces at work in a given text. Our reading process is the distillation of a book's folded pages: the spaces, ideas, and feelings within the text, which we then present to our readers in the form of an enjoyable review. 

The Distillers:

Hikari Loftus
In her childhood, Hikari spent entire days during summer vacation at her local library reading every book she could get her hands on. From fairy tales to science, history to geography, she still finds magic in every word.  After a misguided and failed attempt at majoring in Interior Design, she came to her senses and graduated from the University of Utah in Mass Communication, with a focus in Journalism. She has been a reporter and writer for various papers and magazines in Pennsylvania and Utah for the last twelve years and believes that everyone has an interesting story. 

Hikari is a Ravenclaw, supporter of house elf rights, dog lover, enjoys tea and cake, and spending time with her family. While Hikari hopes to one day finish writing an actual novel of her own, her first book “The Fairy and the Waterfall”, written in the second grade about a fairy cast out of her community because she had a big toe, is probably her best creative work to date. 

   Instagram: @FoldedPagesDistillery

Doni Faber 
Doni wanted to be a novelist most of her life.  She abruptly changed her mind and decided to be a teacher after reading Teaching as a Subversive Activity.  So of course, when she got to college, she studied Science in Society. She transferred from Hampshire to the University of Utah where she designed her own major, Critical Pedagogy.  To get certified as a teacher, she got an MAT, taught for a year, and then decided the classroom wasn't the right place for her.  She served as a boothie and a tutor for Valley Mental Health, both of which she loved. In the meantime, she has performed slam poetry and offered workshops for teenagers as part of Subrosa Spoken Youth. She continues to be involved in educational policy and homeschooling. She feels most comfortable among books and people who like to talk about books.  She has books in every room of her house, except for the laundry room (which might be why she doesn't spend much time doing laundry.)


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