Welcome to our new blog series, Folded Fiction Friday!

Each week, someone from the Folded Pages Distillery blog team will select one piece of short fiction, submitted by our readers to the blog, to be featured as "Folded Fiction Friday".

Here's what you need to know for submission to FoldedFiction@gmail.com

1) Any kind of writing is acceptable. Fan Fiction, short stories, the first chapter of your book etc.

2) Anyone is welcome to participate! Folded Fiction Friday is for anyone who is not represented or published by a publishing house. If you wrote a fun story you want to share, we'd love to feature it!  If you've self-published a book, we'd love to feature it.

3) If you would like, please include with your submission a photo of yourself, a short bio or preface to your story, and links to your blog, social media channels, watt pad etc. If you are a self published author, please include links to where people can find your book.

Cut off for each weeks submissions is Wednesday evening. All submissions will be reviewed and one quality piece will be featured on Friday. All submissions received after the Wednesday cut off will be held over for the following week. All submissions that were sent in and reviewed, but were not selected will be emptied from our Inbox. Please feel free to RESEND for the next week. Doing it this way will make it easier to keep track of the submissions and avoid confusion on our part.

Folded Fiction Friday will appear each Friday on the blog and will be mentioned each Friday on all Folded Pages Distillery's related social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Litsy, Instagram)

Please email us if you have any additional questions.

Send writing submissions to FoldedFiction@gmail.com and may the odds ever be in your favor.