Monday, January 11, 2016

Distiller: Hikari Loftus
3.5/5 Stars

New World: Ashes (Book 2)
by Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson; 1 edition (September 18, 2015)307 pages

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Ashes picks up immediately after Rising, with Phoenix and her friends in desperate and dangerous circumstances. AND….that’s about all you’ll get from me on a synopsis because I don’t want to spoil anything in Rising for you. Haha.

I have to say, the first 70 pages of Ashes were emotionally difficult for me. There is a lot of violence, things that will infuriate you, and wave after wave of bleak circumstances. If you’re like me and have difficulty with reading like that, with almost zero relief, I’m going to tell you to just push through. Your relief comes soon after and those 70 pages will really charge the remainder of the book.

I had the same love/hate relationship with Ashes that I had with the Divergent and parts of Mockingjay. The story is engaging, high tension, and fast moving… but the heroine, in my very personal opinion, often has an impossible personality. Phoenix (our protagonist) has a steadily changing character arc, so I’m very much looking forward to what she’s like in the final book. I was willing to be infuriated by her because I’m interested to see what changes are coming with the impending showdown. 

There is also still a lot of mystery surrounding Phoenix, and I’m very curious as to how all the puzzle pieces come together in the final book.

The New World series follows closely with dystopian storylines you’ve probably read before, but it’s grittier and more edgy. 

Even though I think these follow the Divergent and Hunger Games fairly closely, I also admit that they are a pretty dang decent read for people who loved those series.


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