Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Distiller: Hikari Loftus
3/5 Stars

See How They Run
Ally Carter
Scholastic Press (December 22, 2015)
336 pages


The Plot Thickens
End Synopsis.

Seriously, I don’t know how anyone can talk about this book since the continuation of this story is so fluid and connected to everything that happens in the final 20 pages of “All Fall Down” (Book 1)

Like I said the other day when I finished “All Fall Down” I feel pretty strongly that this is a series that I have to judge as a whole, and not book to book. (and Ally Carter with all her unexpected twists makes me more sure of that.)

For me, “See How They Run” was a real struggle to get through and that was 100% because of Grace. The girl cannot get a single thought in without ending it in some sort of self-loathing comment. I am sure that for someone who has suffered a serious trauma like she has, her reactions could be normal. Does that mean I want to read a story filled with that? I, personally, do not.

HOWEVER (there is always a “however”) I cannot deny that this story has some pull on me. It’s action packed, mysterious, and thrilling and I think perfectly suited for younger YA audiences. The last 100 pages were very interesting to me (and part of this was because Grace quit with the self-loathing and so many crazy things are happening) All the pieces are starting to come together in what makes for an interesting, YA mystery/thriller.

While these are contemporary YA, “See How They Run” introduces a cool, deeper plot line that feels a teensy bit folk-tale-ish that I hope is developed with more depth in the following book. If it’s done well, this plot line, mixed with the spy/thriller plot line is what is going to make this series stand a part, I think.

I also love that while there are some more romance-focused scenes, they are all middle-grade innocent. (seriously, there’s only romantic hugging.) For and adult like me, it’s a refreshing break and nice to read a story so focused on the mystery. For younger readers, it’s nice to have the older teen vibe without swearing or sexual content of any degree.


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