Thursday, September 8, 2016

Distiller: Hikari Loftus
4.5/5 Stars

Girl in Pieces
by Kathleen Glasgow
416 pages
Delacorte Press (August 30, 2016)

I think this book needs to be prefaced with a warning. This book, if you can’t tell from the title and cover, is about self-harm and about cutting. It can be emotionally heavy and darker. It is very honest and some times the images it conjours up are not easy to read about.

I’ve read some reviews about how this book has too many things going on in it and all of them are heavy. So together, it could really feel like just too much, too depressing. I think that’s probably a good assessment, except that this didn’t drag me down or make me feel like that at all. I think different life experiences will really determine how you feel about it as you read. I think if you decide to give it a try, you’ll know pretty quickly if it’s something you want to read.

I have never dabbled in alcohol or drugs and I have never physically harmed myself, so I was actually very surprised at how close to home the emotions in this book hit me. Our main character is fighting a very personal battle. And there is so much loneliness in these pages. It was a shot straight to my heart, that loneliness. While my reasons were all different, loneliness and feeling lost, being alone in a completely new place and unsure if you’ll be able to find a job, find a friend, giving up your time for the wrong reasons or people… I think those feelings are universal and I’ve been there.

Overall, I gathered a lot of strength and hope from this read. It felt very true to me. In the author's note, she talks about her own experience as a cutter and why she wrote this book. But the overall message I got from the book is powerful for anyone. Maybe you made bad choices, maybe you wear the scars of specific times in your life... Whatever it is in your past or present that weighs you down and makes you feel worthless... Own it. It happened to you. But don't let it define the way you let people see you or how you live your life.

This book has some shining examples of kindness and made me hope even harder that I am a kind person.


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