Tuesday, November 22, 2016

“The Wander Society” has become my go-to gift for friends and family this year and since I already have gift giving on the brain right now, my train of thought brought about this post. 

Gift ideas for the wanderer in your life:

The Wander Society by Keri Smith (I highly recommend this guide to creativity and connecting with your true self by wandering without an agenda, based on the writings of Walt Whitman. Free Wander Society printables can be found here.)

“All truths wait in all things”- Walt Whitman quote card by Obvious State (obvious state’s products are for lovers of literature and language, and whenever I give someone one of their products or cards as a gift, I feel Gatsby AF)

Walt Whitman linoleum carving art, on 100% cotton paper by East Grove Studio (This isn’t your regular print. This lino cut is a true quality piece of art from the materials to the skill. They also offer the likes of Poe and Twain in their collection of writers prints)

Black palm tree wallet by Serengetee. (Serengetee uses fabrics made from around the world to support artisans and ancient fabric making traditions.I love all their fun and colorful designs and their catch phrase, “Wear the World.)

Earth Wood Goods sunglasses! Every single piece is unique, as no two cuts of wood can be the same. Their brand is dedicated to exploring and their sunglasses and all their sunglasses are TAC polarized, which fully protects your eyes. I didn’t think it would make a difference until I tried them. Favorite sunglasses ever. 

(Just to be clear, all these products have been sent to me over the last year, but I’m only including them in my Wanderer’s Gift Guide because I feel confident in recommending them. This post was not sponsored by anyone.)


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