Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"Once Upon a Book Club" is one of my favorite subscription boxes of all time.  Why?  Because they have made this totally new reading experience where it feels like you are lifting a piece right out of the book you are reading and it's a fantastic, and slightly surreal, experience.  (I love it)

How it works:
"Once Upon a Book Club" box is a women's literature book subscription box.

Each month you receive a book, and a handful of wrapped gifts with page numbers on them. As you read the book you come to sticky notes on the pages that tell you to open the gift with that page number.  They (the Once Upon people) do an amazing job and the gift matches up so well it as if you're pulling it right out of the book into reality.

Moving On:

Now that November is waaaay passed I feel like I can finally post about November's book and the full unboxing experience.  

First of all the book:

"All the Best Parts" by Loretta Nyhan
Paperback, 324 Pages
Published Sept. 20th, 2016

"All the Best Parts" follows the story of 39 year old Leona Accorse, who is broke, single, in school and living in her sisters basement.  She's fine with her life, and content to be the cool aunt to her sisters four kids until her doctor tells her if she want's to have a child she better get to it.  That's all it takes to shift Leona perspective and get her into full on baby planning mode, because she knows she's dying to be a mother.   However her complete lack of a love life, and the very few single men she knows is only one of several huge hurtles.

The story was sweet, comical, and easy going.  A women not looking for love, but looking for support, and finally getting the push she needed to start fighting for her dreams. I wasn't glued to my seat reading it, but Leona was relatable and her situations and the dialogue were ridiculous and fun.  I enjoyed the read and though I had a pretty good idea who she would choose by the middle of the book I was still happy with the ending and there were a few good surprises.

Second the Book Box:

This was where the fun really was and this was what kept me glued to my seat.

The gifts included the following:

  • The Book "All the Best Parts" 
  • A Frameable Quote Card (with a quote from the book)
  • A Pack of Trident Gum
  • A Notebook (The first page had included text with all the things the main character wrote down in her notebook)
  • A Mirror with Uplifting Message Written on it 
  • A Printed Instagram Picture (from a scene in the book)
  • A Purple Scarf

If I'm reading women's fiction I tend to like the period piece a bit more than the modern books but Once Upon a Book Club makes any book fun and I have loved being able to rep for them.  (P.S. Decembers box was stellar and I cannot wait for January's box) If you're interested in trying them out you can use code "NOVELPAIRING" for 10% off your first order.

And I can't recommend them highly enough. ;)


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